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88% Data breaches are caused by human error!

Be Smarter than Bad Guys

Human Centric Gamified Learnings Daily

An measurably reduce your human risk by chatting with your cyber coach and cyber twins. Which teach you with real world simulations and exercises, right from the chat window. 

01. OSINT + Micro Learning
02. Act on Insights
At your Service

Your Digital Twins

Your Cyber Coach

Keeps you informed with latest threats you should be prepared for. Builds your brain muscle to make cyber attacks miss their mark.

Risk Scoring Agent

Your helper to regularly check your behavior and improve it to be more cyber secure and make wise human decisions.

Dark Web Spy

Keeps an eye on 30+ dark web platforms and informs you if your email or business data is leaked or shared.

Attack Simulator

Runs different chat based role playing games with you to train you on the go. Weekly different labs for you to test.

Social Engineer

Prepares you to live a Zero trust life and makes you smarter to not make any human errors. Continuously tries to win your trust.

Your Brand Ambassador

You are a brand yourself and needs protection from cyber threats and your life taken over. Keeps a close eye on YOU brand.
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True Cyber Crime Stories from MENA Region

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